Overview of Our Services

Hydrostatic Transmission Service, LLC has the ability to rebuild, test, adjust, and calibrate your hydrostatic drive, pump, or motor. When we rebuild your hydrostatic component, you can rest assured it's done according to manufacturer specifications. Our hydrostatic service process is very thorough and customer friendly. We want our customers to know our process!

The rebuild process in short detail:

  •   Each unit is pressure washed, disassembled, and inspected by trained technicians.
  •   Each part is cleaned using a solvent and placed in a reduced - dust environment.
  •   All working parts are checked, measured, and calibrated to manufacturer specifications.
  •   All displacement valves and bypass valves are disassembled and rebuilt or replaced.
  •   Parts are reconditioned, machined, or replaced to meet manufacturer specifications.
  •   High pressure manifold rebuilt and inspected.
  •   Charge pump rebuilt to specification.
  •   New gaskets, O-rings, and seals replaced (Including new shaft seal)
  •   The unit is checked for leaks using a testing apparatus.
  •   Quality Charts are recorded and checked against specifications.
  •   Pressure and flow adjustments are made to specifications.
  •   Unit is then filled with oil to prevent condensation during shipping.
  •   Unit receives fresh paint job and quality seal.

Exchange Program

To reduce your down-time, we have a hydrostatic exchange program. We will ship you a quality tested and warranted rebuilt unit in "short-time". We also offer an installation advice service to assist you in installing and maintaining your hydrostatic drive, pump, or motor. Our technicians are trained in the installation of hydrostatic units and would like to offer their skills and knowledge to assist you in installing your unit.

Our People

Our Technicians, Parts & Sales Staff, and Office Managers have over 100 years of combined experience in the Hydraulic and Hydrostatic service industry. Each member of our Team is required to complete professional development programs and seminars in which they receive training on up-to-date practices and procedures. We feel fortunate to have such an experienced and highly skilled Team.

Quality Control

To insure quality, Hydrostatic Transmission Service, LLC quality tests all rebuilt pumps, motors, and drives. Our Statistical Process Control system allows us to compare quality data with manufacturer specifications to insure that your getting what you pay for. Our Technicians are trained in quality control procedures and practices and each are held accountable for their product. We are so confident in our rebuild process that we offer a 1 (one) year warranty on all rebuilds. We think quality is our most important asset.

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